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About Bugle Em Up Outfitting LLC

About Bugle Em Up Outfitting LLC

Colorado's Premier Big Game Outfitter

Colorado's Premier Big Game Outfitter

Bugle'em Up Outfitting goal is to provide to our hunters the ability to enjoy the back country of Colorado's beautiful wilderness. We offer great accommodations whether it be at a drop camps or full service back country camps. Included in our hunts are delicious meals, comfortable cots, warm tents, and quality employees to make sure you want to come back to Bugle'em Up Outfitting for years to come for your Colorado Big Game hunts.

Pictured is Preston Goetzke proudly next to a past client's (John Groves) beautiful Southwest Colorado Bull Elk.

Bugle'em Up Outfitting recently acquired Great Divide Outfitting owned by Dan and Shelia Newman. We will be hunting the same trophy areas that they were in Colorado Units 75 and 751.Dan Newman had been guiding in Colorado's back country for Colorado's trophy big game animals for over 30 years. Reluctantly because of age Mr. Newman decided to retire and sell his business to Preston Goetzke and Mark Brown.

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The Owners

Owners - Bugle'em Up Outfitting Trophy Colorado Big Game Hunting

The new owner of Bugle'em Up is Preston Goetzk. Preston has been guiding and outfitting for 27 years. Guiding is his passion and he loves to share it with like-minded hunters. Whether a first time hunter to Colorado or a hunter who has hunted out west many times Preston will make sure your pursuit of Colorado's big game adventure will be one you never forget. Preston is very personable and never forgets a name or meets a stranger. He has guided hundreds of very happy hunters on successful Elk and Mule Deer hunts. He is a very accomplished horseman and trainer. With his combined knowledge and skill in the rugged back country, you will have a great opportunity to fill your tag.

Photo Gallery - Coming Fall/Winter of 2018

Preston Goetzke and Mark Brown are in their first season as owners of Bugle'em Up Outfitting. While Preston has been a successful guide / outfitter in Southwest Colorado for over 27 years we want our photo gallery to contain the photos from clients of Bugle'em Up Outfitting. Stay tuned as this fall through the spring we will be adding photos of our clients and their successful adventures in the beautiful back country of Southwest Colorado's San Juan Mountains.