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Colorado Elk & Mule Deer Archery Season Dates

(Mule Deer hunts by draw only)

  • 2018: Aug 25th - Sept 23rd
  • 2019: Aug 28th - Sept 29th

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Trophy Elk and Mule Deer Muzzleloader Season Dates

(This hunt is by draw only)

  • 2018: Sept 8th - 16th
  • 2019: Sept 14th - 22nd

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Colorado Elk & Mule Deer Rifle Season Dates

First Season (Draw Only)

  • 2018: Oct 13th - 17th
  • 2019: 12th - 16th

Second Season

  • 2018: October 20th - 28th
  • 2019: October 19th - 27th

Third Season

  • 2018: Nov 3rd - 11th
  • 2019: Nov 2nd - 10th

Fourth Season (Draw Only)

  • 2018: Nov 14th - 18th
  • 2019: Nov 13th - 17th

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Mountain Lion Hunts

Colorado Mountain Lion Hunts

Stay Tuned as Bugle'em Up Outfitting will be offering Trophy Colorado Mountain Lion Hunts coming up in the near future.

Hunter Info

Hunter Responsibility

Each hunter is responsible for a hunter safety card if born after 1/1/1949.

Each hunter is responsible for applying and purchasing Colorado hunting license and tags.

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